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WI (Door)

Green Bay

SEASON: Post-Spawn (Current)
SPECIES: Walleye

Relevant Gear for Green Bay Post-Spawn Walleye Fishing

Post-Spawn Walleye Fishing Reports

  • Reported by Omnia Community

    While the walleyes are finishing up spawning the smallmouth bass are starting to come in the shallows for prespawn. I'm booking guide trips on a steady basis. Lure-In... Read More

    Season: Post-Spawn

    Structure: Rock Pile

    Species: Walleye

    Forage: Insects

    Technique: Finesse Jigs

Other Season Fishing Reports

  • Reported by Connor Ebben

    Shallow water in the reeds with a little ice jig can catch big perch. Be patient and continue to move spots until you find active fish

    Season: Ice

    Structure: Reeds

    Species: Yellow Perch

    Forage: Minnows

    Technique: Ice Fishing Jigs

    Kenders Tungsten Bright UV Jig 1/32 / Firetiger UV

    Kenders Tungsten Bright UV Jig 1/32 / Firetiger UV


  • Reported by Connor Ebben

    Jigging a spoon on the riprap/sand transitions tipped with a waxie or a minnow head works very well all winter long. Find the transition and you will find the fish!

    Season: Ice

    Structure: Rip Rap

    Species: Lake Whitefish

    Technique: Ice Fishing Spoons

    VMC Tingler Spoon 1/8 oz / Glow Gold Fish

    Tingler Spoon 1/8 oz / Glow Gold Fish


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