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TX (Fayette)

Lake Fayette

SEASON: Post-Spawn (Current)
SPECIES: Largemouth Bass

Relevant Gear for Lake Fayette Post-Spawn Largemouth Bass Fishing

Post-Spawn Largemouth Bass Fishing Reports

We have no Fishing Reports for Post-Spawn Largemouth Bass yet.

Other Season Fishing Reports

  • Reported by Preslee Moy

    When the sun gets up the fish pull up on the rocks

    Season: Winter

    Structure: Dams

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Technique: Drop Shots

    Zoom Finesse Worm Green Pumpkin Magic / 4 1/2"

    Finesse Worm Green Pumpkin Magic / 4 1/2"


  • Reported by Tom Behrens

    Catfish are good on stinkbait, live bait, and cut bait.

    Season: Winter

    Structure: Ledges

    Species: Catfish

    Technique: Live Bait Rigs

  • Reported by Tom Behrens

    Largemouth bass are good with plastic worms or creatures, spinners and crankbait among vegetation, moving shallower, and drops.

    Season: Pre-Spawn

    Structure: Submerged Vegetation

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Technique: Texas Rigs (Pitch/Flip)

  • Reported by David Tisdale

    Caught them on secondary points using small TRigs Strike King Cut-R worms and white Jackhammer chaterbaits

    Season: Pre-Spawn

    Structure: Points

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Forage: Shad

    Technique: Chatterbaits

  • Reported by David Jue

    Use electronics to find the bait balls or follow the birds. Bass were actively schooled and feeding on baitfish in coves and secondary points. Lots of success with soft body... Read More

    Season: Spawn

    Structure: Baitfish

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Forage: Bluegill

    Technique: Soft Body Swimbaits (Small/Medium)

    Keitech Fat Swing Impact 3.3" / Electric Shad

    Fat Swing Impact 3.3" / Electric Shad


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