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AZ (Mohave)NV (Clark)

Lake Mead

SEASON: Summer (Current)
SPECIES: Largemouth Bass

Relevant Gear for Lake Mead Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing

Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing Reports

We have no Fishing Reports for Summer Largemouth Bass yet.

Other Species Fishing Reports for Summer

  • Reported by Clif Gallagher

    Fishing is slowing down in the afternoons so you want to hit the bays early in the A.M. and move out to deeper water as the sun rises. They are... Read More

    Season: Summer

    Structure: Boulders

    Species: Smallmouth Bass

    Forage: Shad

    Technique: Hard Topwater (Walking)

Other Season Fishing Reports

  • Reported by Corey Williams

    Fishing in Las Vegas Wash, find the bushes that are the furthest out in the backs of coves or pockets and cast all around them with a spinnerbait or crankbait

    Season: Pre-Spawn

    Structure: Brush Piles

    Species: Smallmouth Bass

    Technique: Medium Diving Crankbaits (7'-12')

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