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Lake Natoma

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Spring (Current)
2 Fishing Reports

Lake Natoma Overview

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    1. Spotted Bass1 Report

    Lake Natoma Fishing Reports

    2 Reports on Lake Natoma

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    • Dave Gwiazdon

      Gold Ambassador


      • Species


      • Season


      • Technique

        Trolling 0-9'

      • Structure

        Open Water/Basin

      • Forage


      • Water Temperature


      Alright....when the temperatures drop and bass fishing gets tough...you have to switch things up a little bit. So off we went trolling for trout. We were pulling the Rapala jointed BX at about 2 MPH. Had the down riggers at only 5 feet, just to be sure the lure got down off the top of the water. And we hit a big one. 5lbs 9oz. Stay in the upper section of the lake from Rainbow Bridge to the Banner where they turn you around below the dam. It's a narrow chute, so pay attention. There are many submerged boulders that can cause some trouble if you're not keeping your eyes out for them. The bite window is definitely early in the morning. From sunrise to about 9 am. After that, it's time to go get a good breakfast somewhere....
    • Dave Gwiazdon

      Gold Ambassador


      • Species

        Spotted Bass

      • Season

        Spring (Spawn)

      • Technique

        Soft Swimbaits (Sm/Md)

      • Structure

        River Channels

      • Water Temperature


      With warmer weather finally here, I thought I would get a little float tube time in after work. Unfortunately, with all the run off, Both Folsom Dam and Hazel Dam were wide open...and Lake Natoma is in between. So the water was moving fast, which is not conducive to float tube fishing. I managed to hike it up stream about 400 yards and float down with the current a couple of times. I was dead drifting a Strike King Ghost Shad and hooked into a nice 16 inch Spotty.

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