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Little Trout Lake

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Largemouth Bass


Spring (Current)
1 Fishing Report

Little Trout Lake Overview

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    1. Largemouth Bass1 Report

    Little Trout Lake Fishing Reports

    1 Report on Little Trout Lake

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    • 217 Bassin

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      • Species

        Largemouth Bass

      • Season


      • Technique

        Texas Rigs (Pitch/Flip)

      • Structure

        Lily Pads

      We targeted the submerged vegetation right off the lily pads with a black berkley 7' powerbait worm and it produced. We sat off in about 12-15 feet of water and threw up to the edge of the lily pads and just popped the worm off the bottom. The bass would either hit it on the fall or after a couple bounces away from the grass. If you do not fish tungsten weights and use the texas rig. I highly suggest looking into tungsten. The sensitivity and feel alone is beats lead hands down. It is well worth the extra money for tungsten if you enjoy catching fish that is!

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