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Mille Lacs Lake

MN (Aitkin, Crow Wing, Mille Lacs)

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Lake Details


What you need to know about fishing Mille Lacs Lake

At approximately 100 miles directly north of Minneapolis and St Paul in Minnesota, Mille Lacs offers fantastic fishing opportunities for a number of fish species. Classically known as a trophy walleye fishery, a decline in walleye population began in the 1990s which the Minnesota DNR recently indicated coincided with changes in water clarity. And while only a correlation, not an explanation, walleyes thrive in cold water and low-light lakes and an increase in clarity may have reduced the habitat opportunities for walleyes over time. The recent introduction of zebra mussels has further clarified the water conditions and walleye populations have continued to remain lower that the glory years on Mille Lacs. Recently, bass fishing opportunities have received significant attention and even a 2017 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Championship out of Onamia, Minnesota. Lake Mille Lacs has specific fishing regulations that differ from statewide DNR regulations.

Waterbody Type




Surface Area

518.67 sq. km

Avg. Depth

29 ft.

Species Present

Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Panfish / Bluegill, northern pike, Muskie, Burbot, Common Carp

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    Seth Feider’s Mille Lacs Spring Bassin' Essentials

    After a long dark winter, I’m ready to get out on Lake Mille Lacs as soon as the water opens. I start out by looking for shallow flats and relatively shallow humps on my sonar and I set up shop at the first break in 8-12’ of water.

    I always recommend a slow, steady retrieve when fishing baits on Mille Lacs in the Spring. Fish are still moving slowly waking up from the Winter so the slow, steady retrieve is key.

    These are my 10 favorite lures, baits, gear and tackle for hitting Mille Lacs once the ice clears! Hot tip: if you come and go from the Southwest, there’s a great McDonalds in Garrison, Minnesota where you can pick up a Big Mac on the way home and dream about the return of the McRib.

    Waterbodies: Mille Lacs Lake


    My Favorite Smallmouth Topwater

    I use these regularly on Mille Lacs, but also wherever smallmouth reside.

    Waterbodies: Mille Lacs Lake


    Mille Lacs Muskies

    Baits that I use regularly on Mille Lacs for Muskies.

    Waterbodies: Mille Lacs Lake

    Species: Muskie


    Mille Lacs Summer

    Waterbodies: Mille Lacs Lake


    Kent Mittelstaedt - Mille Lacs Spring

    Waterbodies: Mille Lacs Lake


    Mille Lacs Lake

    Waterbodies: Mille Lacs Lake


    Mille Lacs Smallmouth Necessities

    This list is composed of the the things that I feel are essential for success on Mille Lacs. I never go on the water without these baits when targeting smallmouth.

    Waterbodies: Mille Lacs Lake


    Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass

    My go to baits for anytime smallies on Mille Lacs

    Waterbodies: Mille Lacs Lake

    Hot Baits

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