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Lake Mille Lacs Fishing Report

MN (Aitkin, Crow Wing, Mille Lacs)

What you need to know about fishing Mille Lacs Lake

At approximately 100 miles directly north of Minneapolis and St Paul in Minnesota, Mille Lacs offers fantastic fishing opportunities for a number of fish species. Classically known as a trophy walleye fishery, a decline in walleye population began in the 1990s which the Minnesota DNR recently indicated coincided with changes in water clarity. And while only a correlation, not an explanation, walleyes thrive in cold water and low-light lakes and...

Fishing Reports (2)
  • 11/15/19
    Species:Smallmouth Bass
    Style:All Finesse

    One of my last days of the season was out on the Big Pond. With the rougher conditions and cold weather I focused my time on large boulders the size of the hood of your truck, or as big as... Read More

  • 11/27/19
    Species:Smallmouth Bass
    Style:Drop Shots

    Drop shots are a staple on Mille Lacs. Strike King dream shot work great. Using your electronics to find boulders, especially isolated boulders. Once you have one marked on your electronics, make several short accurate casts around... Read More

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