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Pool 10 Mississippi River Map
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WI (Crawford)

Pool 10 Mississippi River

SEASON: Spawn (Current)
SPECIES: Largemouth Bass

Relevant Gear for Pool 10 Mississippi River Spawn Largemouth Bass Fishing

Spawn Largemouth Bass Fishing Reports

We have no Fishing Reports for Spawn Largemouth Bass yet.

Other Season Fishing Reports

  • Reported by Zach Clisch

    Ripped 1/2 oz chatterbaits through the grass in spawning bays.

    Season: Pre-Spawn

    Structure: Submerged Vegetation

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Forage: Minnows

    Technique: Chatterbaits

    ZMan Jack Hammer Chatterbait 3/8 oz / White

    Jack Hammer Chatterbait 3/8 oz / White


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