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CA (Shasta)

Shasta Lake

SEASON: Summer (Current)
SPECIES: Largemouth Bass

Relevant Gear for Shasta Lake Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing

Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing Reports

  • Reported by Cesalie Merryman

    With the lake so low I saw it best in my kayak to find little coves and pitch my bait towards the bank and reel back out towards me

    Season: Summer

    Structure: Rock Pile

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Technique: Texas Rigs (Pitch/Flip)

    Googan Baits Bandito Bug 4" / Blue Baby

    Bandito Bug 4" / Blue Baby


Other Species Fishing Reports for Summer

  • Reported by Cesalie Merryman

    Just tossed some fresh chicken liver on a leader with a bobber early mornings and late nights

    Season: Summer

    Structure: Ledges

    Species: Catfish

    Technique: Bobbers

Other Season Fishing Reports

  • Reported by Andrew Sommer

    Found most fish near and on wood in depths of 2-20ft of water with the classic Roboworm. These fish wanted the bait to soak with little movement at all.

    Season: Winter

    Structure: Stumps

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Forage: Shad

    Technique: Drop Shots

    Roboworm 6'' Fat Straight Tail Worm Aaron's Magic / 6"

    6'' Fat Straight Tail Worm Aaron's Magic / 6"


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