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Untitled Pond NY

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Largemouth Bass


Summer (Current)
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    • ForTheBass

      Silver Ambassador


      • Species

        Largemouth Bass

      • Season

        Spring (Pre-Spawn)

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        Standing Timber

      I was fishing with a buddy at his neighborhood pond, and he challenged me to see who could catch a fish first on something that shouldn't catch a fish. I whipped out a bucktail jig that I had jerryrigged into a spinnerbait and accepted his challenge. I kept throwing it along the bank, and then it got inhaled by this beast. I had no idea it was even there because the water was really muddy, so I initially thought I had hooked a branch until my line started moving around like crazy. Needless to say, my buddy was annoyed that I had caught the fish that he had already known was swimming around before he caught it, but we had a good laugh about it and enjoyed the rest of our trip. I should not have caught that fish, which is why there's no hotbait, but I'm so glad I did. New pb!

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