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How Big Are Tungsten Flipping Weights?

Sometimes it is hard to determine the actual size of a tungsten flipping weight based on weight listed in ounces. Tungsten is much heavier than lead so even if you have a 3/8-ounce lead weight, it’s hard to determine what size you’ll receive from an online order.

We’ve taken one of our vendors’ full range of flipping weights from 1/16th of an ounce to 1 ½ ounce and lined them up next to a quarter. The quarter in the photo is actual size. This should provide some context to help you shop for weights online. We’re answering that common question “how big is a ¼ ounce flipping weight and how does that compare to a 3/8th ounce weight?”

Listed below are some of the tungsten flipping weights we have available.

VMC Tungsten Flippin Weight


3/4oz1oz1 1/2oz
$6.99 – 8.79Product Details
WOO! Tungsten Flipping Weight - Never Chip Series


1/16 OZ1/8 OZ3/16 OZ1/4 OZ5/16 OZ3/8 OZ1/2 OZ5/8 OZ3/4 OZ1 OZ1 1/2 OZ
$5.99 – 11.99Product Details
WOO! Tungsten Painted Flipping Weight


Green Pumpkin


1/16 oz1/8 oz3/16 oz1/4 oz3/8 oz1/2 oz5/8 oz3/4 oz1 oz1 1/4 oz1 1/2 oz1 3/42 oz
$3.99 – 11.99Product Details