Terminal Fishing Tackle

Terminal fishing tackle is important in every anglers tackle box, no matter the location or species. Terminal tackle is commonly a catch-all category for products like hooks, weights and bobbers, but also includes beads, blades, skirts, swivels, snaps, clevises and protection from toothy predators in leaders.

Selecting the right hooks is a key consideration when preparing for a fishing outing. The hook itself has developed and evolved over the years, and today’s super sharp and strong products can help increase your hook up ratio, along with improving your plastic bait’s ability to move naturally in the water. Hooks come in a...

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VMC Ringed HD Wide Gap Hook
VMC$3.99Product Details
VMC Tokyo Rig With HD Worm Hook
VMC$3.79Product Details
VMC Bladed Treble Hook
VMC$5.99Product Details
Owner Sniper Finesse Hook
Owner$3.99Product Details
Gamakatsu Offset EWG Hook
Gamakatsu$3.99Product Details
Gamakatsu Superline EWG Hook



Pack Qty:

5 Pack4 Pack25 Pack
Gamakatsu$4.49 – 22.99Product Details
JT Custom Deep Cup Colorado Blade - Custom Painted
$3.99 – 4.49Product Details
Woo! Tungsten Nail Weight


1/64 oz1/32 oz3/64 oz1/16 oz3/32 oz
Woo! Tungsten$4.99Product Details
Owner Cover Shot


Owner$4.99Product Details