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Lake Fork Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass using Jerkbaits in Fall (Stumps)

Reported by Patrick Walters on Nov 13, 2020
To say that Lake Fork is absolutely loaded with world class largemouth bass, would be a true understatement of that fishery! But with that said, during the Fall time of year when the fish are scattered and starting to feed up for the colder weather, the fish are still not jumping in your boat and you will have to take the time and dial in the fish and what they are doing every single day and find a certain technique and pattern that will help you excel. And last week for me, it was a suspending jerkbait in standing timber! The fish were still ganged up on main lake points and flats that were covered in flooded timber, that were adjacent to large creeks and pockets, that ranged in depth from about 8ft to 30 feet of water. All week in practice I looked for areas with the cleanest water and areas that were rich in baitfish and the bass wouldn't be far behind. And as the tournament progressed, I would target the most isolated pieces of timber, that were the furthest out and the deepest ones out off of a point, or the biggest tree in a timber patch. Mainly looking for any irregularities in the timber that I thought would be holding a fish or multiple fish. And I would target these suspended bass by making repetitive cast with a jerkbait until firing those fish up and triggering their natural instincts to feed. And with that pattern and baits, I was truly blessed to have four great days of fishing on Lake Fork that I will remember for the rest of my life!