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Patrick Walters' Must Have's for Tournament Fishing & Boat Necessities

These are the Tools and Accessories I carry in my boat 24/7 and are a must have for when I fish tournaments!


PW's Spring Time Bassin' the Spawn on Santee Cooper

The Largemouth Bass begin their Spawn on Santee Cooper between the months of March and April, and will spawn throughout this entire time. Mostly focused around the timing of the Full moon in those months as well as the stability of the water levels in the lakes. People travel from all over the country for a chance to experience this magical time. So make sure you come prepared and buckle your chin strap for an absolute great time and for the opportunity at the fish of a lifetime!


Patrick Walters's Santee Cooper Fall & Winter List

As the days get shorter and the leafs begin to change and college football is one of your major concerns on Saturday, you can be certain that Fall is now in full swing down south, and the slow transition into Winter won't be to far behind. As both Fall and Winter are some of my favorite times of the year to fish on Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie, not just for catching numbers of fish but for an increased chance at catching a true trophy bass. These are a few of my favorite lures, baits, gear and tackle that will better your odds during these seasons and make sure you have an enjoyable Fall or Winter day fishing on Santee Cooper.


How to Fish a Hollow Body Frog

Styles: Frogs


Medium Diver Fall Cranking

When the fall transition begins, it’s a signal for fish to start moving shallow and feed. For Patrick Walters this means one thing, crankin’. Submerged grass can be tricky to fish with a crankbait, but changing line size and the rod you are able to have greater control of the running depth. If the crankbait is running too deep, it gets hung in the roots of the grass, if it's too shallow it goes over the top of the fish. In this situation, Patrick uses a Rapala DT 6, a crankbait that dives 6 feet deep. The grass line he is targeting is about 6 feet deep, growing 3 feet into the water column. To keep this 6 foot diving bait in the zone, Patrick upsizes his line size to 14lb and holds his rod at a 45° angle, keeping the bait running perfectly on the tips of the grass. 

Styles: Crankbaits