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Lake Hartwell Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass using Hard Topwater (Walking) in Fall (Brush Piles)

Reported by Patrick Walters on Oct 28, 2020
The Fall time of year is one of my favorite times to fish lakes with Blueback herring in them, especially Lake Hartwell! And the two biggest tips I can share with you on fishing lakes with Blueback herring in them during the fall is, Speed is your friend and you can never cover too much water! You have to find as many Cane piles, man made brush piles, as you can and fish your topwater baits and flukes as fast as you can over top of them until you ignite a feeding frenzy of spotted and largemouth bass swarming after your bait! Start on the main lake points and work your way into the creeks until you find where majority of the bass are located.

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