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Lake Minnetonka Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass using Grass Jigs in Summer (Matted Grass)

Reported by Kent Mittelstaedt on Nov 27, 2019
Late summer on Lake Minnetonka can be a great time to find matted vegetation. Find milfoil that has grown up to the surface and created a canopy. Typically this takes at least a 1 ounce weight to punch through. Choose a weight heavy enough that it gets through at least 75% of the time. Make sure you have a 7' 4" or longer rod, 50lb+ braided line and a stout hook. My set up is a 7' 4" Extra heavy rod, a HD reel with 50lb braid, a 1.5oz tungsten weight (pegged with bobber stop), a 5/0 owner jungle flipping hook with a beaver or creature style bait like the Reaction Innovations beaver

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