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Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass using Wacky Rigs in Spring (Spawn) (Stumps / Shad)

Reported by Patrick Walters on Feb 18, 2021
Ended up finishing in 4th place in the first Bassmaster Elite Series event on the St. Johns River, and I fished all four days on Rodman Reservoir! I was fishing isolated cover in Rodman, from lily pads to stumps to standing timber on flats anywhere from 4 to 9 feet of water. The fish were moving up to spawn more and more everyday, I was targeting the fish in transition to there spawning grounds and picking them off when they would set up on the isolated cover. Catching them on reaction baits such as jerkbaits and then following it up with the wacky / neko rig to clean house.