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Omnia Fishing
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Omnia Fishing

How It Works

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Where are you going fishing? What species of fish do you want to catch? What time of year is it? Is the water clear or murky? How about structure in the lake?

All are great questions an angler can ask to help narrow down bait selection in order to catch more fish. Our lake pages are designed to help answer all of them. By simply telling us what body of water you are headed to and what species you are fishing for, we gather a custom list of baits and lures to prepare you for a successful day on the water.

Through extensive data collection and on the water experience, we can build you a personalized tackle list no matter where you will be fishing and what the conditions are.

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See & File Fishing Reports

We have taken it a step further to include fishing reports and relevant videos and articles to narrow down baits even more.

Anyone who has fished on a particular body of water and found success is then able to file a fishing report to better the community for fish-filled days on the water. Without giving exact details, helpful information like species, time of year, structure, and baits can all be included in a fishing report which then allows others to shop the same combination that is currently being reported as working to catch fish!

We also include video and article content alongside products that we are recommending you use. It’s a great way to try out a new bait or brush up on a technique you haven’t used in a while.

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Manage Preferences In Your Dashboard

From order history to favorite lakes and species to following Pros and Brands, your dashboard is the one place you can manage everything that goes into being prepared before you hit the water.

Order history allows you quick access to what you bought in the past and reorder the items that worked well for you. We also have a “Hot Bait” feature that you can indicate as being a fish catching machine for the lake you used it on, which then shares that knowledge with others who use the lake page.

You can also favorite waterbodies, pro’s/ambassadors, and brands to have easy access to resources that are relevant to where and what you fish with. You also have the ability to choose which species you like going after, making the dashboard a personalized tool that is specific to your needs as an angler.

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