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Bait Pop LiveScope Test + Matt Stefan's Hover Rig!

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Bait Pop Live Sonar Intensifier + Garmin LiveScope + Matt Stefan's Hover Rig = Big Bass!

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What's up everyone, this is Luke Loewe here at OmniFishing. Today we're going to talk about bait pop. I'm fishing a hover rig, which is also brand new to the market with a max-end flower on there. And we're going to see what this thing looks like on live scope without bait pop and then with bait pop. So bait pop is a live sonar intensifier. It makes your bait pop as in the name, but it is also a scent. So this thing is has a minnow type scent. They come in a bunch of different scents. We have them all here at OmniFishing. It's great for cropy fishing, small jig applications, but also works great for bass. So we're going to send this thing down there on live scope without bait pop. See what it looks like. Then we're going to load it up with some bait pop scent and hopefully try to catch a bass on it as well. Alright, so we're going to start with making a cast here with no bait pop, about 35 or 40 feet. So as you can see, you can kind of barely see this thing sinking. It's very hard to see you get down to the bottom. Like it's, you just get down to the bottom. Yeah, you can barely see it. Alright, now we're going to load this bait up with some monkey milk bait pop and see what that thing looks like on live scope. Get on there, put a little bit on my line too. Get some glitter in there. Get it. Now I'm actually going to rub that in a little bit, get that on both sides. Get that thing shined up. Alright, now we're going to see what this thing looks like. Oh, okay, there. Oh my lord, okay. Let's see how this bait pop looks. Alright, here you can see it. Give it a little bit more sparkle if I can line it up right. There it is. Perfect. Here they come. Got 'em. There you have it. How do you like that? 4-pounder, first cast on the, with the bait pop. I can see my hover rig. That little tiny bait on my live scope sink right down to that school of them as you saw on live scope. Called me a nice 4-pounder. Go check 'em out. Got bait pop and hover rigs. If we don't have 'em in stock, they're coming soon. Or they're already in stock,