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Daiwa Tatula Elite Brent Ehrler Multi-Purpose Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing Brent Ehrler's (7'3" / Medium-Heavy / Fast) Multi-Purpose rod in the Daiwa Tatula Elite family.

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Video Transcription

This one right here is no stranger to a lot of anglers. This is the 7'3" medium-heavy fast action Brent Ehrler multi purpose Tatula Elite rod. That's right. This one right here is probably bar none. Not not probably it actually is the best selling rod of the whole bunch, of all the Tatula Elite rods. This has been the most popular one by a long shot. Not just because it's super versatile either. Well, that's probably one of the big ones, but the rod was done extremely well. This rod is strong enough to throw frogs in open water, but it's also light enough that you can throw weightless plastics on it. It's got a soft enough tip. I've done a whole myriad of different techniques of this rod and it's one of those rods that if you're one of those anglers out there that's having trouble justifying the purchase of a rod for every single technique you got, you should find yourself checking one of these things out. Check one out for sure. This is a rod that'll be extremely exactly what it said multi-use in your boat. You'll be able to put some braided line on it, throw a leader on it if you want to do a whole bunch of techniques, throw straight braid on it. You could get away even with some moving baits on this thing. I've thrown spinnerbaits and topwaters, swim baits, all sorts of stuff with this rod. So multi-purpose is the name of the game. It's a medium-heavy fast action. So that top third of the rod is going to be what bends up there and it's going to make it easy for you to set the hook at distance or close to the boat and it's not overpowering that it's going to be not useful for you in a lot of different scenarios. So check out the Brent Ehrler multi-purpose 7'3" medium-heavy fast action Tatula Elite.

It's funny, it's bending just like you think a fast action rod is going to bend and it's a little softer than the heavies. It doesn't pop back as hard. It's hard to show on camera I know but it's not pulling back as hard as that 7'6" heavy I was just bending does. It's a little bit more forgiving but it's got just as fast an action. It doesn't take much to get a hook in that fish and start pulling on them. [music]