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Daiwa Tatula Elite Brent Ehrler Bladed Jig Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing Brent Ehrler's (7'4" / Medium-Heavy / Reg) Bladed Jig rod in the Daiwa Tatula Elite family.

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Video Transcription

Little throwback here, throwback to old school fiberglass rods. Brent Ehrler himself designed this bladed jig and crankbait rod. It's a 7'4" medium-heavy moderate action or regular bend as Daiwa would call it in the Tatula Elite lineup for bladed jig fishing. Now the best bladed jig fishermen in the world all claim hands-down glass is the way to go. Brent's no different. He's definitely friends and traveled around with a lot of the people that really started winning all the money on bladed jigs and he did pretty dang good with him himself obviously. So he designed this rod specifically for bladed jigs, but because it's glass, it's got some backbone. It's also good for your bigger crankbait, bigger square bills, little mid-divers, the deep diving crankbait.

If you don't want a super long rod in your hands, the nice thing about the new version of these Tatula Elite rods. So I think this one feels a lot lighter in hand than the previous generation 7'4" bladed jig rod. So it's nice. And I think a lot of that has to even do with just the ergonomics of the handle . I know that doesn't mean it weighs less. It probably does a little just because it's cut down in material a little, but that shouldn't affect the balance of a glass rod at all. I think it's just the ergonomics of being able to palm it a lot nicer. Um, makes it feel a little bit more alive for a glass rod. If you're in the market for a bladed jig rod and you don't want to break the bank, this is definitely a great model to check out.

This is, this rods had a lot of success and won a lot of money. Uh, Brent Ehrler does know what he's talking about when it comes to winding a bait. So check out the Tatula Elite bladed jig Bren Ailer rod in 7'4" medium-heavy regular bend or moderate. It obviously bends just like a moderate action rod is definitely bending all the way down way further down the blank than the previous rods have been bending. I'll do a hook set one from down below. So you can still get into the backbone pretty fast, a lot faster than I expected, but I do have braided line on this reel that we're testing with. So you get a little bit more stretch there with fluorocarbon, which is what you would be fishing this rod with effectively. But as you can see, the rods got backbone, all, or bends all the way throughout the backbone. It is definitely a moderate action, true glass rod.