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Daiwa Tatula Elite Patrick Walters' Jerkbait Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's Patrick Walters' (6'10" / Medium / Regular) Jerkbait rod in the Daiwa Tatula Elite family.

Video Transcription

Here's an interesting one we've been asked about a ton because probably one of the most popular jerk bait fishermen on planet earth right now is our guy Patrick Walters. Why? Because he's mastered forward facing sonar he's hunched over the front of that thing he's got scope neck now he's ruined his spine and he looks down at his feet when he's walking now. He's always hunched over looking at his forward facing sonar working that jerk bait like crazy so he designed a rod specifically for that. Previous to this he was using different models throughout the Tatula lineup like Seth Feider's jerkbait rod and some of the longer jerk bait rods in the lineup. He made one specifically for fishing for facing sonar for specifically the jerk baits he was using he can get away now with fishing a [Vision 110] +1 in the Megabass lineup or the deeper. A Rap a Shadow Rap that he uses or the new Mavriks he can use the deeper models of any jerkbait he wants. With upping the power of the jerk bait rod up to a medium lot of the other ones are medium light action or power jerk bait rods. This is a this one here being a medium it gives him a little bit more meat doesn't have to smack on the rod as hard as he would with a lighter power rod.

Full cork candle thank you Patrick everybody knows it's one of my favorite features of a rod but medium powers he bumped up the power a little bit kept the length short though, 6'10" just added about an inch to some of the shorter ones, kept a little shorter than some of the seven footers. Very cool rod that I'm sure if you're a jerkbait angler you've been watching Patrick Walters, guy kind of knows what he's doing with the jerkbait if you're after a new jerkbait rod check out the new Tatula Elite. 6'10" medium, moderate action or regular bend Tatula Elite rod. So Patrick Walters' jerkbait rod very very moderate a little faster and a little bit more tip on the end of this one than some of the other moderate rods very interesting, do it from down low. Oh yeah so it's definitely you're fighting the fish with the with the middle of the rod like a moderate true moderate action rod but it's a little faster than most moderates that we've been playing with. It's got a little bit more pullback that that tip isn't just bold and over at the end there so it's got a little bit more get those hooks in them and get that they probably work that bait a little deeper easily easier with this rod. [Music]