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Daiwa Tatula Elite Patrick Walters' Big Worm Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's Patrick Walters' (7'6" / Medium-Heavy / Extra-Fast) Big Worm rod in the Daiwa Tatula Elite family.

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Video Transcription

This one right here is another full cork handled to Taula Elite rod. This one was designed by our friend here, Patrick Walters. Patrick Walters does a whole bunch of offshore fishing. At least he did in his past a whole bunch. Now that he's staring at that scope, he's even doing it a little bit more. But this is a technique that's an old school technique. You don't see a lot of anglers capitalizing in the tournament trails as much on any more without forward-facing sonar, but it's making a comeback again. A lot of fish are being pressured a lot and people are fishing real close to them with their forward-facing sonar offshore. So people are learning they got to get way back away from those fish farther away. And that's where something like this big offshore rod would come into play. This is Patrick Walters Big Wormin' rod.

He did a full cork handle, which I've already expressed a whole bunch is my favorite style of handle. Patrick did that in all of his new rods. He added to the lineup as far as casting models go anyway. This is the non-AGS version rod. So it's got Fuji guides on it, standard traditional guides on it. Great value on this thing here. This is a medium-heavy, extra-fast. So it's actually with that X signature on the blank here, it's letting you know that this tip is going to bend really, really fast. So it's that first quarter of the blank. It's actually more extreme than a fast action. The tip bends really, really fast on this one. Really quick so that when you're offshore, as soon as you start sweeping the rod, you're loading that rod up into the backbone really, really fast. But those extra fast tips give you a little bit more tip action there just in the very tip. If you're shaking a worm offshore or you're dragging it over stuff and you're just looking to feel what's going on out there, but you quickly can set the hook on a offshore fish. So this is Patrick Walters new 7'6" Tatula Elite medium-heavy, extra-fast action Big Worm rod. Oh, that's really showing it there actually. Like that's all I can give her. It's a very extreme action on that one. Super fast. [Music]