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Daiwa Tatula Elite Randy Howell Skippin'/Swim Jig Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing Randy Howell's (7'1" / Heavy / Fast) Skippin'/Swim Jig rod in the Daiwa Tatula Elite family.

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Video Transcription

Following up that 6'9" jerkbait rod from Randy Howell, he's also got a 7'1". This is a 7'1" heavy, fast action, dock skipping rod in the Tatula Elite lineup. Randy is really good at junk fishing like I said before, he's one of the masters of it and I love watching him run down a bank and hit every piece of cover like a surgeon. He's surgical about it I should say about making sure he doesn't miss anywhere a fish could be and he's really versatile with his approach. A lot of times when you're fishing down the bank, what do fish like? They like heavy heavy cover. They get slid up underneath the back of docks, going underneath the lay down, they get way back in the pads of the reeds and sometimes the skipping technique is the best way to get a bait into that area those fish could be and that's why he's got two versions of it a 6'9" and this one being the 7'1". 7'1" is obviously a little longer, right? A little nicer if you're a little bit taller, you don't hit the water with it, you can get a little bit more distance on your skips. You can make a little bit longer attack with a longer rod. I think longer rods give you a little bit more leverage too as far as power goes to get a fish out of some heavy cover hence why you're a lot of your big flipping sticks and stuff for 7.5" to 8' rods. So that little bit of extra length might not make all the difference in the world but it could aid you in a little bit of help for someone like me who tends to not be a great slack liner like Gerald Swindle and those guys. I tend to have a little bit less of a quick reaction on my hook sets. Length aids me in that. So if you're somebody who gets bit and sometimes don't get the best hooks out in them, get a little bit longer rod like the 7'1" for skipping and it'll aid you in getting that hook buried in that fish even if you get a sloppy hook set.

So check out Randy Howell's 7'1" heavy fast action Tatula Elite Skippin' rod. 7'1" heavy, fast and this one actually surprisingly is a little bit more forgiving than the 6'9" skipping rod. It's got a little bit more of a softer backbone transition so it is a little bit more true fast action not as fast as that 6'9" and not as stiff as that 6'9". So this one will be a little bit more forgiving if you're going to run a leader in my opinion. So if you're like me and you're weird and you like braid to a leader even for skipping a jig, this would be a great one for that because the backbone is a little bit more forgiving than that 6'9" heavy. (music)