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Daiwa Tatula Elite Takahiro Omori Crankin' Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing Takahiro Omori's (7'0" / Medium-Heavy / Regular) Crankin' rod in the Daiwa Tatula Elite family.

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Video Transcription

Another Takahiro Omori entry from the Tatula Elite family. This is his 7'0" cranking rod here. This one is a medium-heavy, regular bend glass rod. So regular bend is Daiwa's indication for moderate action, like most the other manufacturers call it. Most fiberglass rods are going to be in that family of moderate action rods. They're going to bend all the way down throughout the blank. Hence why they're so good at upping your landing percentage of treble hooked baits. Takahiro Omori is probably, if not the most accomplished, one of the most accomplished square bill fishermen on planet earth. He's won a lot of money with a square bill, winding a crankbait in general, lipless crankbaits. He's won a bunch of tournaments doing that as well. If he's a treble hooked bait, uh, Takahiro Omori knows what he's talking about with it. He's won a classic with it with a treble hooked bait. And this is his very versatile 7'0" medium-heavy glass rod. Short enough to go down the bank and kind of roll cast and hit targets and target fish with a glass rod, but it's also because it's glass, it'll load up enough that you can make an offshore long cast as well. But it's truly designed for that target casting when you're trying to make that bait land somewhere, you think it's going to hit something and deflect off of and get that fish to bite. So that's why it's not super long, like most cranking rods would be in that seven foot range.

I love the full EVA handle on this one. That's different than a lot of the other rods out there. You don't see a lot of full, uh, full EVA handles and I do like full handles. So it's kind of cool there. Uh, if I were getting into glass rods, this is definitely one I'd be checking out. In fact, every couple of years I do jump back in the glass rod pool. I might be checking out this Takahiro Omori 7'0" medium-heavy, moderate action glass cranking rod being fiberglass. It should bend most of the way through the blank. And yes, it does. It bends all the way down. It'll jump down to those other boxes is below it because it is bit and pulled right down. It'll bend halfway through the whole entire blank there. Almost the whole blank. If you can't see it here, this part of the blanks even got some mark to it there. So as you see that fiberglass is super forgiving, start with one way down low. As you see, with even with this braided line on it, it definitely tries to bend a handful of guides down before even that those first few guides there don't even do any pulling back really. It's really the little ways back. So definitely very forgiving. If you're fishing some small trouble hooks, check out some glass moderate action rods. [MUSIC]