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Tatula Elite Spinning Reel Breakdown

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The new Tatula Elite spinning reel has been highly anticipated by Daiwa fans! Pete has all the details on what's great about this reel.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody, it's Polish Pete. I'm here at our Omnia headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota with our newest friends, the Tatula Elite Spinning Reel family. A lot of questions about this one. I fielded a ton of them over the weekend actually from a lot of my friends and a lot of our customers of what the heck's going on here with this Tatula Elite Spinning Reel.

What's the story here? Well, I can tell you right now, I can tell you for a while since the introduction of the Tatula MQ. This reel is something that was highly requested from a lot of your purists out there that are spinning reel junkies and the nest junkies. This is a reel that comes in at Exist-level weights, but it's coming in at a much lower price point than that. So we're looking at about a $300 price point on this. They do that by shrinking the body sizes down. The old LT bodies were smaller than these MQ bodies now. So you're looking at this reel right here, these two are sharing similar body sizes here and this is in the 3000 here and this one here being the 4000. You're shrinking down the body sizes quite a bit so you get that weight down from where they would be in the MQs. On top of that, they've refined the reels up a little bit by adding the new style air bail, which is actually a little thinner than the older air bail and they have this new air drive rotor on it. This rotor is beautiful looking by the way. This just looks more refined than the old one and the reel does feel smoother than the previous generation LT reels quite a bit actually in hand. They did add a bearing to the spool shaft here to assist in the drag smoothness . This reel is a more refined version of the Tatula LT of the past and it's coming in like I said, it Exist-level weights. In fact, I believe this 4000 here, which is my real size of choice is only one tenth of an ounce lighter than an exist. So you're looking at a savings of like 500 plus dollars to get that in that weight category and you're getting a little bit more refinement than you had out of the old Tatula LT's. So I am a fan of monocock reels, but I actually shrunk down in size because they are physically larger in the body and that's for durability and longevity. This is going after your light weight champion type reels, finesse fishing, especially now with the scopin' world being as prevalent as it is. If you're going to hang on to a bigger spinning reel like I like, like a three or 4000, you want that weight way way down there. So you can feel absolutely everything out there on 100 foot plus casts that we 're doing now with Livescope with finesse lures. This is a phenomenal option out there for all you anglers that don't want to spend that thousand dollar price tag on the really super high end bougie spinning reels. If you're just into meat and potatoes and catching them, but you want that light light weight, check out the new Tatula LT Elite from Daiwa. [MUSIC]