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Gussy's Smeltinator

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A jig that won the Bassmaster Classic, the Smeltinator, is a design from Elite angler Jeff Gustafson that we can't keep stocked on our shelves for very long, they always fly out of our warehouse fast than we can order them!

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Video Transcription

Okay guys you've seen it before obviously and it's been a best seller for Omnia. But the Smeltinator Jig Heads this is a really a beat up one you can see some teeth marks on there if you zoom in but for fishing these like jerk soft jerk shad style baits I think it's the best jig head. They come in a variety of different sizes so you can get you know one or two ought for the three and four inch baits uh that's a two ott that i like for the five inch baits you don't want to put too big a hook in there or the baits start to spiral and not run properly. So I'm going to tear this apart, I always use the Z-man ElaZtech baits on there and the secret is to put a dab of glue on and then they never come off. But tearing this jig apart just looking at it a little close more closely, a Gamakatsu 604 hook so that's kind of a 2x a little bit stronger jig head so you can use braid and you can muscle the fish a little bit. You're not going to open that hook up it's strong. 90 degree jig eye I think that hooks fish a lot better and the baits swim a lot better and obviously if you're hanging them under the boat it's a lot better for regular traditional plastics. Really good collar, it's going to hold the you know any of the baits on there really well. Got an eye, the heads are all hand painted so everything's top notch on these jigs and you know obviously you've seen it been i've been using them for years and a big part of my arsenal. [Music]