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Jig Trolling Walleye

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A technique that Troy and I got on this particular point to what we've been doing is jig trolling. And this is just a half ounce VMC moon eye jig with a 3.5 big bite suicide shot on it.

Oh, I didn't have to handle that. I shouldn't have that clam extend handle. It's a little better one. All right.

The presentations are really sort of dynamically different because we're not casting the bait out and jigging it back. And what we're doing is I'm getting on the trolling motor and I'm running it about 0.5 to 0.8 miles an hour. And we just take the baits and throw them in back to the boat.

You want to let out just about enough line so the bait is close to the bottom or intermittently hitting the bottom. A lot of times what I like to do is to actually hit the bottom, then I reel it up a little bit. So the bait is running like two or three feet off the bottom. Then that tail's going like this doop doop doop doop.

And it's a fabulous technique in the fact that you can actually cover quite a bit of water. That works. Got quite a lot of big fish on these lakes at different points and times with this presentation. Back you go.