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Jigging Rap Magnum Breakdown | Seth Feider

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The new Jigging Rap Magnum is a terrific multi-species bait that will pop right off your forward-facing sonar!

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Video Transcription

So boys, I got a brand new bait from Rapala. This is the Jiggin Rap Magnum. This is kind of a Jiggin Rap 2.0. Comes in some really awesome colors, but the biggest thing I noticed from it is the hooks are a lot different on than on your standard Jiggin Rap. This is gonna help a lot with landing percentage. It does not have a front hook, which you really don't catch much on that anyways, it usually just gets hung up. A larger back hook so you can put a lot more heat on the fish you do hook on this one. And then the treble hook. That's the main hook on this bait. It's attached to a swivel now. So that can turn. You're not gonna lose fish on this. Comes in some awesome new colors and with forward facing sonar being all the rage, if you're fishing, you know, highland reservoirs, deep clear places where you got fish out deep, you can get this bait down to them really quick. That's the key to this deal. And then just snap it in front of their face and get a reaction strike. You know, you can target individual suspended fish as well as school and fish with this, but where it really shines is those, you know, in my head I'm thinking like Ozark Lakes, deep highland reservoirs stuff like that where you're targeting fish in the winter that are in 40, 50, 60, maybe even 70 feet of water. You can get this bait down to them really quick, get them to react to it. And now you got a better hooking system which is gonna up your landing percentage. And, you know, with forward facing sonar, really being the deal nowadays, this is one of those baits you're gonna wanna have tied on. It sells really in the winter periods when the fish are super deep. You might see it as well in the summer if they get really deep, but just an awesome way to target those deep suspended fish on forward facing sonar. And now in a better package, just kind of a Jigging Rap 2.0, essentially better hooking and some sweet colors. So we got them now at omniafishing.com, check them out. (upbeat music)