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Just Landed: Classic Releases Part 1

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Some of the hottest Bassmaster Classic releases are here! Get your hands on them now because they're going fast.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody? I've got the coolest just landed for you guys in a long, long time. It feels like we should be doing more of these this time of year and it feels like we should be doing a lot of really super, super cool ones. We've got a handful, but it's that time of year, it's Classic time of year, where a lot of the manufacturers in the bass fishing world anyway are putting out a bunch of new products into the marketplace. This year is no different, but it seemed like a lot of that stuff came in right around that Classic time frame, and we were on the road. So I'm coming to you after the Bassmaster Classic with this. Some of this stuff has already been on the site. Some of it's already actually been sold through pretty well. So I apologize if there's any holes in inventory or anything on some of this stuff, but that's because of the timing of just when it came in stock for us.

First up, I'm going to start with probably the one that I think is going to be one of the most popular baits of this year, and that is the Bellows Shad from Geecrack in the floating material. So this one here, I love this, I had to take that out of package to show you. Each one of these comes individually packaged in its own clamshell inside the package there, but most of you are very familiar with that of the ElaZtech style classic. This is that I don't believe it doesn't feel like ElaZtech is a little different material, but it is a floating material. I don't know exactly what it is, but it is a stretchy, more durable material, and the fact that a lot of us were using these as trailers, that is awesome news, because this should make it much more durable and lasts a lot longer of being fished on the back of a jig, bladeed jig, swim jig. However, you want to rig the thing, it should make it a lot more durable, take a bigger hook in it, and take multiple fish catches, and you can keep using it. That's probably the one knock a lot of the cool JDM plastics get, is that they fall apart on you easy, and they burn through them, and you spend a bunch of money on them. So it should be interesting to see if this one catches them as well as the original, but awesome one, and I bet you there's not enough of these to buy right now, so jump on these right away if there's any on the site.

Next up I'll go to the Keitech here. This one here is the Shad Impact in the 4 inch, so straight tail minnow presentation. I do know a lot of people are scoping with these, and using it as sort of a rolling minnow with that round ball head jig, which leads me right to our next friend here. This is a guys over at All Terrain jumped on that. We've got Tungsten the TG Scope jig. So this is a Tungsten jig, so should show up a lot better on your live sonar units with a 90 degree hook eye or hook on it. So you're getting that perfect vertical presentation if you need it, or that rolling action on the ball head. So obviously lots of colors and sizes and hook sizes in this one as well. It goes perfectly with something from Keitech here and a scoping style minnow new to that scoping minnow world. If you're new to it, there's a whole bunch of really cool minnows out there, but you're going to see that coming from all the manufacturers. Can't go wrong with Keitech as you know.

Next up we got Yamamoto's releases from the Classic. You got the Sensei Worm here. This is like a floating trick-worm style worm. This would be a perfect shaky head worm or neko style worm with that kind of spaded pointed tail at the end there that I believe has like an air pocket in the end of it. So it's going to stand up and kind of shimmy and shake a lot better for you. No need to do Trevor's toothpick trick on this one. This one you could just put a jig on it. It'll stand up on its own there for you from Yamamoto.

Next this one I'm sure everybody already knows about this one. For this one, other sizes came out to rave reviews. We have a 4 .25 inch Yamatanuki now. So in these heavyweight style plastic lures that they haven't slowed down yet for us a bit. Even over the winter people kept buying these things like crazy. This is going to be a big player. I know a lot of people who've chosen their favorite now in the war of poop baits to this to be the winner. I personally haven't found my favorite yet so I'm excited to get out there and try this 4.25 Yamatanuki.

Going back to Geecrack, this one here. This is the Cue Bomb. This is going to be obviously a finesse presentation from Japan where you got a little ball with a bunch of skirting material that ran through it, threaded through the bait so that it has a crazy wild appearance in the water. Seen a bunch of different manufacturers from Japan have this style of bait out for a while now. I bought a whole bunch and I was over there recently myself to try it out because personally I haven't had any success with that this technique as of yet but obviously it's working so I'm excited to go out and try this. These are not going to last long . I promise you that much that we were warned ahead of time that this was going to be a tough one to keep in stock. So look for some tank footage on this one coming to you shortly.

Next up we got stuff from Evergreen. I love these guys. I think this is one of the most underrated JDM companies on planet earth. If you go over to Japan you'll see that this is one of the most popular brands period in Japan. If not the most popular brand in Japan these guys sell a ton of stuff over there. They just sent us over the Last Ace which is a line through style swimbait so you're going to run your line through the nose of the bait out the bottom and tie it to that treble hook. Bear you up in the belly there. As you can see instructions are super easy to read in Japanese there, so get yourself some Last Aces and go fish that line through. It's pretty self explanatory. You shouldn't struggle with this one. Just tie it on and wind it.

The Gizmo. I've known about this thing for a while now. It is a little floating rubber jig that looks just like some sort of bug. Dragon fly. You know some sort of water bug there. It does make a little commotion with a little cups in the front of it there. I know for a fact that this thing is an absolute snatcher when it comes to pond fishing. If you're a shore angler do yourself a favor and try some of these. I've got actually a pretty big one on this this little rubber jig from shore. It is a little bit more difficult to throw so you need that light line and a really quick tip action rod. This is definitely spinning rod stuff here. Evergreen actually makes a rod for this bait. If you're looking for a cool alternative for a topwater bait you're going to really love this thing. It's a cool little jig and it's fun to fish.

Lastly can't talk about all this new classic released stuff and all this Japanese tackle without talking about our friends at Nishine Lure Works over there. This is a drop shot hook. I'll give you a little picture on the back there of what his intention is there with the weed guard. This drop shot hook has gotten very popular for them. You're actually tying your line like a snell style tie to the to the eye. It's not exactly a 90 but where the hook eye points up there. It kind of makes the the hook stand out horizontally perfectly but now you can run this weed guard through the line tie afterwards as well and it'll actually keep it perfectly in front of the hook itself and really easy for the fish to get still get hooked on.

So all this stuff here is on the site right now. Happy shopping and more to come from Bassmaster Classic releases. Thank you and go shopping on [Music]