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Just Landed: Abu Garcia Pro Series Rods

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Abu Garcia has recently launched a new Pro series rod. Each rod in the series is designed with a unique brand of action that is chosen by the pro angler it is named after. The handles of these rods are color coordinated for easy identification, and the series includes a variety of different types of rods such as wacky rigging, nico rig and shaky head, jerk bait, and flipping sticks. These rods are designed with the specific strengths of the pros in mind.

Video Transcription

What's up everybody, this is just landed and we've got the pro series rod from Abu Garcia in house now got to check these out last year at, I cast, let me tell you something, if you think they're just another uh blank with people's names slapped on them, you are incorrect. That's the way I thought and I was proven wrong at the show. Actually got to stand there with the different pros and have them take me through the process of how they chose the blanks and actions for their specific rods. These are all unique actions and blanks in this lineup for each pro. Pretty cool stuff. I mean right away I said to John Cox, if you want somebody's wacky rigging rod, I mean, come on, who's won more money with a just a wacky rig, general than john cox. So this is his general rod. He calls a general purpose, hence general uh, basically his wacky rigging rod. I'm definitely taking these home with me.

I'm a big fan of the blank, really like chris bounce alive. Feeling Justin Lucas has some spinning model here. This is his uh, nico rig and shaky head rod, Really impressive action on this one. Hank Cherry's got a jerk bait rod, chirac's got a flipping stick as you can imagine each one of the pros and their strengths and that whole abu Garcia staff have their own signature series rods, a couple models to be exact. It's really cool stuff. All the handles are color coordinated for the pro. So kind of nice if you're kind of a tackle geek and you like everything to look the same that my driving us.

But if, if you're, uh, if you're being practical about it actually is really slick to open your rod locker looking and you can see the color of the handle of the type of rod you're going after. I kind of dig it, to be honest with you. Uh, so each one of the pros is different color handles on it. Go check them all out on the site. Now. I bet you'll be impressed with this Pro series kudos to Abu Garcia for this launch. Pretty cool stuff coming from the folks over at Pure Fishing, Take care, go catch them.