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Just Landed: Crush City and RapStack

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Rapala has been showing off the new Crush City baits all year and they finally arrived along with their new tackle storage boxes!

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Rapala, a renowned name in the fishing industry, has recently introduced their exciting new lineup of Crush City baits alongside their innovative RapStack tackle storage boxes【7†source】.

Overview of Crush City Baits and RapStack Boxes

The Crush City collection includes a variety of baits designed to enhance your fishing experience. The lineup features The Mayor - a range of swimbaits available in two sizes, praised for their effectiveness in catching big smallmouth. These soft swimbaits, known for their squid-like scent, have already proven their worth in the water. Alongside The Mayor, the collection includes the Cleanup Craw, known for its aggressive kicking appendages, making it an excellent choice for flipping bait or a jig trailer.

Additionally, the Crush City series introduces the Freeloader, a popular style in the soft bait market. With its straight pin tail, it's an ideal chatterbait trailer and has already shown success in major tournaments, particularly in vertical fishing setups like damiki rigging. Another standout is the Bronco Bug, a Japanese-style flipping bait with unique back-and-forth appendages, creating a distinctive movement in the water. Lastly, the Ned BLT, Rapala's take on the Ned bait, offers a floating option that's not ElaZtech, allowing versatility in jig head selection while maintaining buoyancy.

RapStack Boxes: Secure and Versatile Tackle Storage

Rapala's RapStack boxes are a perfect companion for storing these baits. Available in various models, some without dividers for more flexible storage and others with pre-cut dividers for organization, these boxes feature a secure single latch that connects in two spots for added security. Their design ensures that your baits are stored safely and conveniently, ready for your next fishing adventure【8†source】.


Rapala's new Crush City baits and RapStack boxes are a testament to their commitment to innovation and quality in the fishing industry. Whether you're targeting smallmouth or experimenting with different bait styles, this lineup is sure to enhance your fishing experience.

Chapter Summary with Timestamps

  • 00:00 - Introduction to Crush City baits and RapStack boxes
  • 00:35 - Overview of The Mayor swimbaits
  • 00:59 - Features of Cleanup Craw
  • 01:08 - Introduction of Freeloader and its applications
  • 01:32 - Details on Bronco Bug
  • 01:45 - Ned BLT features and versatility