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Just Landed: Z Man Mulletron Swimbaits

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Just in: The Z Man Mulletron swimbaits, perfect for targeting bigger fish!

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This just in some new stuff from Z-man's finally here. This stuff's actually been highly sought after. We got a little sprinkling of it. They went out the door and we find we got more in there now, but they're going fast. So you might want to jump on these. These are Z- man's. Actually, they're saltwater swimmers. This is the Molotron, the Unrigged version. This is the rigged version that comes in a couple different sizes here with a top hook in it. These are going to be very popular in fresh water as well. Some of the saltwater patterns look just very shaddy. So definitely for some down south action. And I honestly, I've had a lot of luck with shad patterns up here. Even where we live in Minnesota too, not just down the river, but places where shad isn't even the forage. There are going to be some more fresh water style colors coming in these. So get your confidence up in them now. The Molotrons from Z-man are in stock now. This one is going to fly under the radar for a while. Hopefully people catch on and see what's going on here. But the bigger style minnows for scoping are getting more and more popular. I mean, obviously the success the Senate Jerk Shads had in many different applications. Certainly if it's the scent that's on them, or if it's obviously the buoyancy of the bait, how easy they are to make move with very subtle rod movement. If you're a scopper and you're doing that mid-st roll thing, you know that a lot of the more popular baits for that are in that six, seven, eight inch range even. There's a seven inch version of the Senate Jerk Shad. I didn't even know that myself. It's been out before the whole mid-stroll thing got popular. We actually got asked for it by a bunch of tournament anglers and we put them in stock and a whole bunch of cool colors went out right away. So got a bunch more back in stock now. So we figured we'd point out now that we've added the seven inch scented jerk shad. So if you're not into burning through $15 bags of plastics while you're learning how to high scope, check out the Z-man seven inch scented jerk shads. [BLANK_AUDIO]