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Lake Minnetonka Summer Largemouth Fishing: Where to Find Them and What to Use

Aug 15, 2022

In this video, Brad Leuthner, a Bassmaster Open Pro, gives tips on how to fish for large mouth bass on Lake Minnetonka, where he grew up and learned everything he knows about bass fishing. He discusses good indications for finding large mouth bass in the summer, such as high weed growth and water temperatures above 70 degrees. He suggests targeting deep water structure and areas where prey, such as crayfish and bluegills, congregate. He also mentions his favorite techniques for catching largemouth bass on the lake, including using a big hair jig, a chicken head, and a reaction bait. He also recommends specific equipment and bait to use.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody. This is Omnia fishing's current conditions before I'm Brad Leuthner Bassmaster Open Pro, We're out here on lake Minnetonka. This is where I grew up cut my teeth. Bass fishing and learned everything I know about bass fishing. If you're new to Minnetonka and you want to chase bass, large mouth bass summertime, Some good indications that bastard in their summer patterns is the weed girls getting high, the water temperature's getting above 70, you know, long, hot days, hot nights create the summertime pattern. Some are staging large mouth a minute target. What that means is the bass. The large mouth bass have got done spawning, they're all moving out deep and when they move out deep they get in big pods of them. They all, they all concentrate on certain deep water structure and what they'll do their, they'll feed up a whole bunch because winter will be coming soon. It's their only time to really feed up is in the summer and there'll be a lot of fish when you find them and generally any deep structure, any tips of grass out deep, anyplace where it drops off into deep water. Those vassals sit and ambush their prey and generally their prey this time of year. Either it's gonna be crayfish on the rocks or it's gonna be bluegills and copies on those brake lines.

So if you're new to lake Minnetonka and chasing large mouth for the first time or first couple of times. The lake is full of different water clarity's and the summer. There's multiple places to look if you're looking up in the dirty water. you can look anywhere from a foot of water out to 78 ft of water is pretty deep in the dirty water and generally in the dirty water, you're looking for little rock piles or little weed tips, you know, 4 to 78 ft of water. Then if you're out in the main lake where the water is more clear, there's more clarity to the water. The bass can be anywhere from two ft of water out to 30, ft of water depending on the weed growth and the area you're on. But Generally on the clear side of the lake. I like to start looking on on top of these points and work my way out to where the grass will and 20 to 30 ft of water and most of the time they're sitting right on that transition where the grass ends and turns into rock or sand. So if you're new to the lake and you want to target large mouth in the summertime.

Some of my favorite techniques of catching big, large mouth of minnetonka in the summer. First and foremost, my favorite way of catching them is a big hair jig. This is a, this is an outcast chicken jig, which I helped design. It's a big bulky bait. It's super heavy. It's three quarter rounds. You can cover lots of water with it and you can fish it with heavy equipment so you don't have to mess around with the fish. I like to throw it on a 74 kg heavy with I paired up with a zillion 85 to 1 super fast reel. I like throwing Sufix 20 pound advance Floral on there. I mean this is a no master round, deal you five pounder hits it, you crack the grass and reel them to the boat. Second. Probably one of my second ways. I really like to catch them and this is kind of under utilized bait in the north, but this is, it's a chicken head, a three quarter chicken head. Same head we used in in the chicken, but this was no hair pairs up great with this five inch spark shad and this is also a really good way of catching big fish out deep. And I, same thing I paired up with a zillion same rod, 74 heavy and 20 pound. Suffix’s Advanced Floral just gets lots of bites and catches great big fish. If they're getting a little more finicky in the summertime, the fish get a lot of pressure out here.

So a lot of times you have to switch to a reaction bait. One of the best reaction baits I know of is this DT 14. This one is, is a bright color. I like throwing this in dirty water. If I'm fishing more clear, I'll switch to the natural patterns. This is paired up. I like to throw the 76, it's a glass rod from day Iowa. And this one, I'll slow down my reel. I have a 6321 with 12 pounf advanced floral carbon and then also a must. In the summertime is a drop shot. It's just really versatile. You can fish it up in the grass, you can fish it on the edge. I like to, I like when I'm fishing large mouth with it. I like to throw heavier weight sometimes up to a half ounce weight. Just a straight shank. VMc hook with a trick worm. Seems to do the trick. This have it paired up with 10 pounf Suffix and a 15 pound Suffix leader. I have a 2500 cog on here and I fished this with a 71, medium heavy rebellion. If you're looking for better tackle recommendations that fit your fishing style, sign up today for a free Omnia fishing account and fill out your profile where you can favorite species, lakes brands and more to experience the most personalized tackle shopping online