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Megabass P5 Destroyer BMG

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Megabass (7'5" / Heavy / Fast) BMG in the P5 Destroyer family.

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Video Transcription

This is the Megabass P5 Destroyer in the BMG. The BMG is the big brother that's the Megabass tells us. It's the big brother of the FMJ. FMJ is a very popular rod throughout several families of Megabass rods. This one, the BMG, is a heavy power where the FMJ is a medium-heavy power. So this is a little longer as well. This is 7'5". They both are a fast action. So this is a 7'5" fast action, heavy power rod. It was designed to be a bottom contact rod. So an offshore bottom contact rod with a big jig, football jigs or big flipping jig. Also Carolina rigging or fishing a swing head like a kind of articulated football head with the hook swings on the back there, all the biffle heads, things of that nature. So if you're trying to cover the bottom way offshore and get all that line cleaned up to the water column and get a hook set, this is the rod for you. They did say they softened up the tip section a little bit over the FMJ to allow you to fish offshore in that deeper water and give that rod a little bit of tip for fishing those baits out there, kind of dragging them and pulling them through some cover. And still being able to have that heavy power to get a big huge hook set in it. Let's go bend this thing I'm interested.

We're here with the Megabass P5 Destroyer BMG. So this is a 7'5" heavy power, fast action rod. This rod is designed to be an offshore special rod with big jigs, Carolina rigs, swing heads, things of that nature. So get a quick hook set in. This thing is a lot faster than I thought it was going to be for how soft they said the tip section was going to be. And it is a softer tip. It's kind of exactly what they said which is nice to see. Good job Megabass. It is a fast action. It is a true fast action. You're seeing that that top third of the rod is the part of the rod that's bending, but it's pretty quick. It's getting there fast. I'm actually going to do a little bit of a slack line hook set here in the same grid here. Let's keep it in the grid here. Get down a little bit less line than that so you can see that a little bit better. Yeah this thing is pretty slick. It's got a lot of power, but it does have a softer tip. So this is a pretty versatile 7'5" rod. I just think I found myself another one I want to try in the P5 line up. [MUSIC]