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Megabass P5 Destroyer Javelin

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Megabass (7'5" / Medium / Medium-Fast) Javelin in the P5 Destroyer family.

    Video Transcription

    Megabass, Destroyer P5 Javelin. This is a 7'5" medium-plus, or I guess I go medium-heavy power, medium-fast action rod. This rod was designed for moving baits. So it could be great for an offshore swim jig or swimbait or treble hooked baits like a big giant topwater if you want it a long rod for that for really deployment far far out there or big crankbaits. Let's go see what the actions like on this thing. I'm pretty intrigued by this rod. I've made it pretty clear that I've struggled immensely with what cranking purists would tell me to fish with and that's long moderate action rod, especially in pure fiberglass rods. I struggle with those type of rods and probably why I'm not that good of a crankbait fisherman, but I'm intrigued by rods like this that are graphite rods that have actions designed for treble hook fishing. So let's go check it out.

    Here I am with the Javelin 7'5" medium-fast action, medium-plus power. Medium-plus I'm assuming is just like medium-heavy or maybe a little lighter than that. Let's see. Let's load this rod up with taunt line and yeah it's medium, medium-fast action. I would say that's exactly what that is. Let's do a little bit of a slack line hook set there. It's actually pretty sweet. It's exactly once again what they said it would be. I'm getting impressed with a lot of the actions and power descriptions here. It's not super powerful. It's sort of a softer rod. It does I would call it honestly medium-plus kind of like they said. It's a little lighter than a medium-heavy so good call again Megabass. And it's not a really fast taper. It's if you look at the tip even when I'm just lightly bending this thing it's bending quite a bit down the blank than even a lot of the rods that call themselves medium-fast before. This really would shine with moving baits. It's going to load up a lot more when you load into that bait whether it be a treble hook or single hook moving bait. So this would be a great chatterbait rod if you don't like glass rods in my opinion. That's what I think of right away as I've been in this thing. It'd be a pretty killer chatterbait rod or for someone like me a treble hook baits offshore. We fish around so much grass up here in the north country. I love graphite rods for feeling if there's grass on the baits or clearing them for grass. So cool rod here. If you're into moving baits check out the Megabass P5 Destroyer Javelin.