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Megabass P5 Destroyer The X-Bites

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Megabass (7'2" / Heavy / Extra-Fast) The X-Bites in the P5 Destroyer family.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody? I'm here with the Megabass P5 Destroyer X-Bites. This is a rod that came out, probably was one of the more popular models once people actually got their hands on it. This is their jig rod, they call it, just straight up jigrod. I know the FMJ I talked about already and the BMG are both also jig rods. This one I was told is like kind of the ideal jig rod in the lineup. This rod is actually a 7'2", a heavy power, extra-fast action. So this thing is going to have a really, really quick tip on it. So really fast hook sets on it, perfect for fluorocarbon and jigs or braid to a leader in jigs sometimes for guys like myself. So, interested to bend this one here, this is the 7'2" heavy power, extra-fast X-Bites from Megabass Destroyer P5.

Alright, here we are with The X-Bites, which is a 7'2" heavy power, extra-fast action. Let's do a taunt line hook set here. And this thing looks more like a fast action to me than an extra-fast. But I will tell you right now, it is really quickly pushing back against me as I go to pull up on the rod and load the rod up. Let me get a little bit of slack line going here. Less than that. Oh, more than that. Yeah. So as you see here, you know, when the rods loaded up, it certainly has more of a gradual taper to more of a fast action, top third of the rod bending, even a little slower than that a little bit once the rod is really under load. But I'll tell you with the slightest bit of pressure on the rod, as you're seeing, the tip is really quick on this thing. So that's where the extra-fast portion of the action of the rods coming in there is that you move this rod a little bit. You are getting some pressure on that fish really, really fast. Makes for a good jig rod. It's a it's a softer, more gradual load up than I thought it'd be under full power with a jig rod. So this would be a perfect one for more of those medium wire hook jigs, more compact, the new style flipping jigs, things like that. Smaller football jigs, jigs like that, in my opinion, that's where this would shine over, you know, a big, big heavy, like hack attack, big hook jig that I would stick with maybe the BMG rod. But this thing's pretty sweet. More to me, more of like a finesse jig rod than a power jig rod. [MUSIC]