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Owner Range Roller Breakdown | Polish Pete

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Did someone say mid-strolling on Live Sonar? Owner created the Range Roller just for that and a technique that's new to a lot of anglers.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody! Coming to you with a tackle breakdown of the Owner Range Roller. So you take a look at this here. I took a couple of the jig heads out of the pack here. Already it comes with four of them in there but this is that new ball style rolling jig that has been made super popular by the mid-strolling or strolling technique. What we see a lot of people doing out there in the tournament world is fishing suspended fish and shaking the bait in front of the fish or above the fish's head and the baits need to roll with that side to side action and this is a jig designed specifically for that action. What I like about this so far has been the keeper. Most of the jigs I've been messing around with this either have one or the other, a wire keeper or a lead keeper. It's nice to see one have both. So here I grabbed one here as you can see with like this is a little just quick jam this up on here. This is a uh uh Scented Jerk ShadZ, a smaller size there uh but because it's ElaZtech that little wire keeper aids me a ton in that but the lead one's really nice and I get those super salty plastics. They're really heavy salted, heavily salted plastics. That'll go over the nose there and hold a little bigger profile behind the head. That little wire alone with the salty plastics tends to rip out really easy and you burn through plastics at a at a faster rate. When you combine the two you get the best of both worlds. So now I've got something that holds ElaZtech really well also holds a salty plastics really well that softer salty plastics.

But as you see here pretty simple stuff the way the ball head is but these guys lifted the ball up on the shank of the hooks coming out that looks like that you know the jig eye is much taller on this jig hook and the ball is up a little higher where the shank of the hooks coming out towards the bottom of the ball head. I'm assuming with that fin on it as well and lead going up the hook eye shank there that it it aids this in the rolling action hence the Range Roller. It does have one of the nasty sharpest Owner hooks. I don't know uh this is obviously a coated really really high quality Owner hook but I'm not kidding you would have laughed through you would have seen this before we turn the camera on here. I stuck myself with this jig about five times already but uh really high quality hook you'd come to expect from Owner but a really cool jig head. I know it's a ball head so it's not super sexy but in today's world of forward-facing sonar this thing is cashing a lot of checks. So if you are learning the new strolling game or forward-facing sonar game or you're a weather tournament angler and you want to make some more money check out the new Owner Range Roller jigs. (music)