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Power-Pole Move Breakdown | Seth Feider

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Power-Pole released their flagship trolling motor and it's Seth's new favorite motor that he'll be using for a while. Check out Seth on the Elite series to watch him using it!

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  • Power-Pole MOVE ZR Trolling Motor

    Power-Pole MOVE ZR Trolling Motor

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Video Transcription

Yes, my first year using the move, I got a whole season on it now. Had zero problems with it performed flawlessly, but a couple things I like about it the best is the speed. Super fast trolling motor. Going through weeds, I've never seen anything like it. Like super heavy, matted vegetation just cuts right through it and never slows down. Anything like that.

And then the Spot Lock on it's really good too. We're going really fast right now. Normally we hit spot lock, that thing would slam you all around. And I was going three something miles an hour there, hit spot lock. It's going to hold me right here now. No problems. So the spot lock's really good on it. It's quiet. It's light. I like that about it too. Low profile too, so my boat goes a little bit faster. Not real heavy picking up and throwing it down all day long.

And then the biggest thing about it, biggest plus I've seen about it is going through the grass. It's insane going through matted vegetation. I've never seen anything like it. I've had a Minn kota most my whole life before this. And this thing's on another level going through the weeds. I don't know what it is about it, the prop probably. That's pretty good for going three something miles an hour and just hitting the spot lock. A lot of them trolling motors kind of throw you all around and jerk you around. And that thing shut us right down and stopped us right here. And that's hard to do with the Spot Lock. But super accurate Spot Lock. Really quiet. Awesome trolling motor for getting up shallow and sneaking up on fish. And just been super impressed with it this year. And looking forward to running again next year.

Another nice feature about it too is when you lift it up, it auto turns it to the side. You don't have to do it with the pedal. It lays down real nice. And the mount's super heavy duty. It locks in and doesn't move at all. So nice when you're going across the rough water, you don't need a balanced buster. I know that extra stuff on the other trolling motors when it locks in. It's dead tight, doesn't move at all. One last thing you got to mess with when you're installing. It's nice having that. One last thing you have to worry about when you're running across rough seas. You're trolling on your deploy and breaking off. So super heavy duty mount. Really really tight. And having anything loosen up on it or anything like that. [Music]