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Rapala Crush City Baits Breakdown

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Bassmaster Elite and Rapala pro, Bob Downey, gives us a full breakdown on the new Crush City line of soft plastics from Rapala.

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Discover the cutting-edge Rapala Crush City Baits, meticulously crafted for the modern angler. In this exclusive breakdown, Bassmaster Elite pro Bob Downey delves into the unique characteristics and optimal uses of these innovative baits.

The Mayor Swimbait: Your Go-To for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass

Introducing The Mayor Swimbait, available in two sizes: a nimble 3-inch and a robust 4-inch version. Perfect for mimicking minnows, these swimbaits excel in smallmouth bass fishing, offering an array of colors like blue gilly and perch. Use the 3-inch Mayor in tough largemouth conditions or when they're feeding on smaller bait. The 4-inch Mayor, suitable for larger profiles, is ideal for jig heads or as a swim jig trailer.

Freeloader: The Ultimate Choice for Offshore Fishing

The Freeloader, championed by Jacob Wheeler at the Major League Fishing BPT event on Lake Gunnersville, stands out with its unique straight tail design and soft body. This bait is versatile, excellent as a chatter bait trailer, on spinner baits, or for the shaking bake technique using forward-facing sonar. Its varied color selection matches popular jackhammer colors, making it a must-have for clear water and blue gilly fishing scenarios.

Cleanup Craw: Versatility at Its Finest

Cleanup Craw shines in versatility. Used as a swim jig trailer or for flipping in dirtier waters, its kicking action and flaring legs make it irresistible to bass. Its range of colors, from natural green pumpkins to dirty water black blues, makes it suitable for a variety of conditions. The Cleanup Craw also doubles as an effective buzz bait, enhancing hookup ratios compared to traditional skirts.

Ned BLT: The All-Rounder Ned Rig Worm

The Ned BLT, named after the beloved BLT sandwich, is a game-changer in the Ned rig world. Its stretchy material withstands numerous fish catches, and its versatility allows for traditional Ned rigging, drop shotting, and tight lining. Whether fished along the bottom or above the fish, its quivering tail action is irresistible to bass.

Bronco Bug: Unparalleled Flipping Bait

Finally, the Bronco Bug introduces a novel shape to flipping baits. Its thin profile and large flappers create a unique bucking action, making it an exceptional choice for bed fishing and weed edge fishing. The Bronco Bug's colors, like the black blue silver flake, are perfect for dirty water conditions, adding to its versatility.

Embrace the innovation of Rapala's Crush City Baits to elevate your fishing game. These baits, with their distinct designs and versatile applications, promise to be a valuable addition to any angler's arsenal.