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Rapala Crush City Ned BLT Tackle Breakdown: A Comprehensive Guide

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Bob Downey breaks down the new ned rigging bait from Rapala, the Crush City Ned BLT.

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Discover the secrets of the Rapala Crush City Ned BLT, a game-changing soft plastic bait in the world of fishing, as presented by expert angler Bob Downey. This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the Ned BLT's design, rigging techniques, and effective fishing methods, making it an essential read for anglers looking to elevate their fishing experience. Introduction to the Ned BLT

Bob Downey introduces the Ned BLT from Rapala Crush City Customs, highlighting its unique design and functionality. This bait, a staple in Downey's fishing arsenal, features a ribbed body and exceptional durability, mirroring some of the best Ned plastics in the market.

Key Features of the Ned BLT

  • Ribbed Body: Enhances the bait's texture and appeal.
  • Durability: Stretches like current Ned plastics, ensuring longevity.
  • Flotation Capabilities: Can float a quarter ounce Ned head, ideal for various rigging methods.

Rigging Techniques

1. Typical Ned Style Rig

Downey describes the traditional Ned rig approach, emphasizing the bait's horizontal positioning in the water, which is crucial for attracting fish.

2. Drop Shot Method

He suggests nose-hooking the Ned BLT for drop shotting, ensuring a super horizontal presentation that's effective in luring fish.

3. Light Ned Head Rigging

Downey recommends a lighter Ned head for tight lining or shaking above the fish, a technique that mimics a swimming minnow and triggers bites.

Color Variations and Application

The Ned BLT is available in a variety of colors, including perch or goby style and various middle-based and natural green pumpkin hues. These options cater to different fishing environments and preferences.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Bob Downey concludes by endorsing the Ned BLT as a must-try for anglers seeking a new Ned style bait. Its versatility, durability, and unique design make it a standout choice in the market.

Transcript Summary with Timestamps [00:00] Introduction to the Rapala Crush City Ned BLT by Bob Downey. [00:15] Discussion of the Ned BLT's unique shape and durability. [00:30] Rigging Technique 1: Traditional Ned Style. [00:45] Rigging Technique 2: Drop Shot Method. [01:00] Rigging Technique 3: Light Ned Head for Tight Lining. [01:15] Color Variations: Perch/Goby Style and Natural Hues. [01:30] Conclusion and Recommendation.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone Bob Downey here talking to you today about the Ned BLT from Rapp ola Crush City Customs. You can tell if you've been using a few of these recently These have been my go-to Ned soft plastic this year really unique Shape to them. They've got a ribbed body and they stretch Just like some of the current Ned plastics on the market So these things are gonna last a long time. Couple ways I like to rig them your typical Ned style bait I love to drop shot these just nose hook them the thing's gonna sit super horizontal in the water This bait will float it'll float a quarter ounce net head so you can imagine on a drop shot Just with the hook. It's gonna sit super horizontal The third way I like to fish it is on a lighter Ned head But I like to tight line it or shake that thing above the fish So I'll find the fish on my mega live throw out past them keep this thing up above them and Shake it and tight line it above those fish kind of acting like a swimming min now on that tail has a really good kick in action And that's a really good way a third way to fish this Ned style bait Bunch of cool colors. This happens to be a perch or a goby style color We've got a bunch of middle base colors as well as your natural green pumpkins Green pumpkin blues that's her to deal in the Ned BLT Check it out if you want to try a new Ned style bait You a You (upbeat music) (beeping)