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New Bass Mafia Dangerous Swimbaits Review: Unloaded and Loaded Versions

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Discover the latest swimbaits from Bass Mafia with our detailed tackle breakdown. Designed by Chris Eldane, the Dangerous Swimbaits come in two versions: the unloaded, perfect for shallow fishing, and the loaded, ideal for deeper waters. Both available in 6-inch and 7-inch sizes, these swimbaits offer unique features like the line-through system for the loaded version and compatibility with various hooks for the unloaded. Find out why these swimbaits are a must-have for your fishing arsenal.

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Product Breakdown

Unloaded Version

• Comes in a two-pack for $13.99.

• Does not have an internal weight system or hook harness.

• Ideal for shallow fishing, especially in vegetation.

• Recommended to pair with a 6/0 or 8/0 Owner Beast Hook.

Loaded Version

• Single bait for $14.99.

• Features a line-through system and an internal weight of approximately 2.5 ounces.

• Suitable for offshore deeper structures and fishing over deeper water or rock piles.

• Unique system designed to avoid tongue-hooking fish.

Usage Tips

• The unloaded version is best for shallow waters and is compatible with various hooks.

• The loaded version allows for versatile fishing in deeper waters and includes a special line-through rigging system that is less harmful to fish.

• The line-through system involves tying the line to a flipping hook that is run back through the bait, ensuring it stays straight.


• The loaded swimbait’s internal weight makes it effective for fishing deeper structures and offshore edges.

• The design of both swimbaits offers versatility and effectiveness in different fishing conditions.

Video Transcript

Look out! We’ve got some dangerous swimbaits coming at you. This is the tackle breakdown of the new family of swimbaits, the Dangerous Swimbaits from Bass Mafia, designed by Chris Eldane. This particular version, the unloaded version, comes in a two-pack for $13.99. It’s a $14 price point for two swimbaits. You can pair these with your favorite swimbait hook. It’s unloaded, meaning it does not have any internal weight system or hook harness. This is meant to be rigged up text-opposed for fishing in shallow vegetation or shallow waters in general.


I’ll pair this up with either a 6/0 or an 8/0 Owner Beast Hook. There are many other hooks like that on the market, but those are the ones I have confidence in. It’s great to see other manufacturers getting in the game and working on some stuff. I actually tried some hooks from Mustad, which were really good. If you’re fishing shallow and looking for a big bite, this style of swimbait has been getting it done for a while.


What I’m really excited to talk about is the loaded version of the Dangerous Swimbait. Both the loaded and unloaded versions come in 6-inch and 7-inch sizes. The unloaded version comes in a two-pack, while the loaded version is a single bait for $14.99. This one is really cool because it’s a line-through bait, which gives a lot of confidence for swimbait fishing. Every year, some of my bigger fish in the pre-spawn months come on a line-through style swimbait.


My knock on line-through style swimbaits is that they often tongue-hook fish, especially if they get it on the fall. A big treble hook on the bottom of the bait tends to get caught in the bottom of their mouth, which can be unfriendly to the fish. This one has a unique system: there’s a hole in the nose where you run your line through, but you actually pull the hook all the way out and tie your line to a big flipping hook. You run it back between the fin and the gap, back to the nose of the bait where your line comes out. This one is internally weighted, around 2.5 ounces, allowing you to fish it around offshore deeper structures.


I can fish a weed line or deeper waters where vegetation holds the fish. This bait allows for fishing over deeper water or the offshore edge. You can fish it off a rock pile or do many things with this pre-loaded swimbait. The loaded Dangerous Swimbait has a big lead weight in the belly, keeping it straight. I love the design of this line-through system and can’t wait to get it in the water myself.


If you’re into big swimbaits, these are two you definitely want to check out: the unloaded and loaded versions of the Dangerous Swimbait by Bass Mafia.