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Three Elites Fish the Rapala Mavrik | Seth Feider, Bob Downey, Gerald Swindle

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We caught up with some of our favorite Rapala anglers to hear their thoughts on the new Mavrik. Conclusion is, it's definitely a fish catcher.

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Video Transcription

Gerald Swindle

Let's talk a little bit about the Mavrik, you know, what is the Mavrik? Mavrik is the new addition to the Rapala family, and it is the jerkbait, and it is forever the right colors and sizes. It's got the RedLine hooks on there, check that bad boy out, got the nice color, so you can see it's a Mavrik 110. The spade's going to dive about four foot on average, maybe five, a 10-pound line on a cast, but tremendous action, just with a slight flip of the wrist, really, really, really easy to work, pause it, let it sit, sits perfectly in the water, and it's something that we've been looking for, the pro staff have been after, but I think we have developed along with Rapala one of the best jerkbaits on the market as of today, and at a great price point. We have the high-end translucent, like smooth looking colors, we got the bright colors, we got the action, this is a bait that anybody can tie on and have success with, I mean, you're looking for this to twitch, twitch pause, but sometimes the pause is more important than anything else, I throw it a lot on 10 or 12 pound line, if I'm super grassy I want to stay shallow, I can jump to 14, but if you want the best action and results you want to go with 10 to 12, I use Shooter, what I jerk on, and I like it for these times of the year, like jerking around a little marina or something, just trying to catch a largemouth in the summertime, pitching around in the shade, twitch it down, let it sit, there's a bass there, man, he's hungry, you're in his wheelhouse and you're going to make something happen.

Seth Feider

I'm going out there and you can see that one, feel very big, that'd be okay. I think I just got him hooked where he's fighting funny. I got a mouth full of it, a little chunk on the Mavrik, face full of RedLines, trying to keep my fingers from getting full of them, at least a little bass, but it's a new jerkbait by a Rapala Mavrik, really good casting jerkbait, got a really nice action on it, comes in some sweet colors, it's pretty dirty here today, so I'm going with a Table Rock Shad-type color, see if we can get another one going here.

Bob Downey

I'm tossing the Mavrik on the edges of this grass line right now, and what I 'm looking for are just pods of bluegill, pods of baitfish that are suspended up on the edge of this grass, and really all times of the year, bass will corral that bait along the edge, but in the fall, here you can see a good pod of, I mean, all those are bluegills sitting there, and the jerkbaits are a really good way to imitate those fish suspended up above or on the edge of that grass, so we're just trying to cover some water here with the Mavrik, we've got pretty clear conditions, water clarity wise, so we picked the color that is , oh there's a little bass, followed us up, a little more translucent, something that's going to imitate a minnow or a bluegill or a perch really well on a sunny day like this, it seems like your clear colors tend to out-perform kind of your dull opaque type of colors, so we've got a really good color line up with the Mavrik, so we've got what I feel is hopefully the right color, and then just twitching that thing along the grass edge, and this bite will get stronger as the water temps drop here in the fall, but right now, morning, right now here, so we're hoping maybe run into some feeding fish with this thing, and I wouldn't say we're working it overly fast, like we would mid-summer, but we're not, you know, counting 10 to 15, 20 seconds like we would in 40 or low 50 degree water temps, so moving it at a decent pace, just trying to run into smack to fish, and the jerkbaits are a really good way to do that this time of year, for largemouth, you know, smallmouth and spotted bass, right now we're targeting largemouth kinda at the edge of the grass here.

Seth Feider

But it casts really nice, it has a weight transfer system in it, so it throws really well into the wind, make a nice long cast, and we're about, there we got something coming, got a bunch coming, there he is, ooh, ooh, that's a good one, about four or five of them coming up on it. Not real big, just a mean one, just a mean one, hooks are sharp. Nice little bass. Now with, you know, Livescope being so prime, it's real, now before when you 're jerkbait casting it, you're kind of just open water fishing wherever you're throwing, but now the scope, scope becoming so much popular, you know, it's more important to make an accurate cast because you're trying to hit something real specific, and that's where that weight transfer system helps, you can throw it straight, where, you know, a lot of times jerkbaits without that weight transfer, have a tendency to wanna, you know, kind of roll off to the side. We got one coming, it's kind of far behind it, here comes one, four or five of them on it, bunch on it, come on, b****rds. Oh, that one raised up hard, there he is, you can almost just tell about how fast that one came up after he was gonna get it, not big, not a face full of it, he wasn't coming off, alright. (music)