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Angler's Choice Fish Venting Tool Black
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Angler's Choice Fish Venting Tool


Color: Black

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Angler's Choice Fish Venting Tool Black Angler's Choice Fish Venting Tool Black


Product Description

The Angler's Choice Fish Venting Tool is a fish fizzing tool that helps both saltwater and freshwater anglers safely deflate a fish's swim bladder in order to release them to be caught again. As anglers venture offshore into depths of 20 feet or greater, a common occurrence is for a fish's swim bladder to become over-expanded with trapped gasses due to the pressure change from deep water to the surface. The Angler's Choice Fish Venting Tool helps anglers vent a fish that has its swim bladder over-inflated, which makes it difficult for them to swim or return to their home water depth safely. 

Before using, be sure to read the included instructions and (if necessary) watch videos online on how to use fish venting tools. Misuse of the Angler's Choice Fish Venting Tool can cause permanent damage or kill fish when not used properly. 

 Angler's Choice Fish Venting Tool Instructions

  • Insert needle into fish at a 45-degree angle, approximately 1-2 inches behind the base of the pectoral fin
  • Insert tip just deep enough to release gases but not damage the internal organs
  • Escaping gas is audible and deflation is noticeable
  • Slight pressure on the fish's abdomen may help. 
  • Never puncture the fish's mouth or anal cavity
  • Revive fish in water until it is ready to swim off on its own

   WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -