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Fishing Tools

When it's time to get ready, having the right tools for the job is key. Whether it be scissors, sharpeners, or pliers, these are the tools you depend on when it’s crunch time and you need to get a fish back in the water or get that new bait tied on.

  1. ArsenalArsenal Ninja Scissors

    Ninja Scissors


  2. Mend-ItMend-It Softbait Glue

    Softbait Glue

    $8.99 – 12.99

  3. VMCVMC Crossover Ring 10pk

    Crossover Ring 10pk


  4. RapalaRapala Pinch Tool Combo

    Pinch Tool Combo


  5. Kraken BassKraken Bass Hook File

    Hook File


  6. VMCVMC Crossover Pliers

    Crossover Pliers


  7. ArsenalArsenal Neko-Wacky Tube Plier

    Neko-Wacky Tube Plier

    $5.99 – 19.99

  8. SimmsSimms Guide Nipper

    Guide Nipper


  9. SimmsSimms Guide Plier

    Guide Plier


  10. RapalaRapala Split Ring Pliers

    Split Ring Pliers


  11. LindyLindy Worm Blower

    Worm Blower


  12. VMCVMC Wacky Ring Tool

    Wacky Ring Tool


  13. VMCVMC Wacky Rings

    Wacky Rings


  14. RapalaRapala Hook File

    Hook File