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Enid Lake

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Spring (Current)
2 Fishing Reports

Enid Lake Overview

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    1. Largemouth Bass1 Report
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    Enid Lake Fishing Reports

    2 Reports on Enid Lake

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    • Carlos Willis Fishing

      Silver Ambassador


      • Species


      • Season


      • Technique

        Crappie Sniping

      • Structure

        Open Water/Basin

      • Forage


      Caught some really nice crappie averaging 13-15” in 10-15ft of water. Fish really didn’t have a target depth they wanted to suspend at so I take it they they are roaming chasing Shad! Some fish would let you get close to them and some didn’t care for the boat and would ease away. Holding the bait still right on their head was the best presentation. They normally prefer a smaller profile bait this time of year.
    • Garry The Snail

      Silver Ambassador


      • Species

        Largemouth Bass

      • Season


      • Technique

        Soft Jerkbaits

      • Structure

        Submerged Vegetation

      • Forage


      • Water Temperature


      Since Enid is a flood-control lake, the water is steady, but lack of rain shows some hotter water each week. The past month has been hot and dry, so the summer angler pattern in in effect. Fish early morning or late evening, and keep the sun in front of you and fishing the shadows, if possible. Spinners are working in shallows under shadows (brush, limbs), as well as flukes on top of vegetation. Just have to find the areas that offer overhanging vegetation, as well as drop offs from the shallow to deeper water. Wallace area is holding some good fish, you just have to have patience and work the shadows. Must have been a good spawn this year, because we are seeing a ton of small largemouth bass moving, even caught one the size of my finger. LOL! Persimmon, Long Branch and Point Pleasant offer some decent fishing areas, but be careful of shallow flats ... they will come fast if you don't pay attention. The lake is around full pool, but there is still plenty of shallow flats that can work for you.

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