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Gull Lake

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Largemouth Bass6


Spring (Current)
20 Fishing Reports

Gull Lake Overview

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Top Techniques Reported for Largemouth Bass + Spring

Bladed JigsHard JerkbaitsHard Topwater (Popping)Soft Body Swimbaits (Small/Medium)Swim JigsTexas Rigs (Pitch/Flip)
  1. Bladed Jigs
  2. Hard Jerkbaits
  3. Hard Topwater (Popping)
  4. Soft Body Swimbaits (Small/Medium)
  5. Swim Jigs
Total Fishing Reports
Top Species Reported for Spring
  1. Largemouth Bass6 Reports
  2. Smallmouth Bass1 Report

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Gull Lake Fishing Reports

20 Reports on Gull Lake

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  • Mat Titmus

    Silver Ambassador


    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Season

      Spring (Pre-Spawn)

    • Technique

      Swim Jigs

    • Structure

      Submerged Vegetation

    • Forage


    5.9.22 Water temps still around 46*F but fish are actively feeding and chasing. They were displaying signs of being territorial on the livescope, chasing the bait for a distance and returning to the same areas... kinda leading me to believe that the spawn will be happening soon. Low and slow, most of the fish in deeper waters (20-ish) were suspended 1-2ft off the bottom, same with the shallower bass they were just above the weeds cruising. Tried jerks, Tubes, and a little drop shot, but they weren't having any of that. Ended up with 16 Bass both green and brown and a ton of pike. Don't waste your time on those real deep marks (30+), unless you want to catch pike all day.
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    Riley Bowen

    Blue Ambassador


    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Season

      Spring (Spawn)

    • Technique

      Texas Rigs (Pitch/Flip)

    • Structure


    • Water Temperature


    I took my sister out to get her on her first big fish, and the fish are starting to spawn. There are lots of fish on shallow flats that are spawning on the edges of grass and any hard structure they can find like stumps. The slightly larger fish are in 8-15 ft of water spawning with the exception of a few nice smallmouth spawning on some shallow rocks. It didn't take much to get the deeper ones to bite, but they're definitely hard to see unless its glass calm. - To help see your bait, I was dipping my whole pearl colored hotshot minnow in some dip and glow so really help my bait pop so I could see it better, it really made it pop! Shorten up your dropshot leader length to where the bait will be sitting right in the fishes face. And if the dropshot presentation isn't enticing a bite, switch to a small swimbait like the stealth invader on your dropshot hook. The fish presentation should get that bed fish mad.
  • Nate Roth

    Bronze Ambassador


    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Season

      Spring (Spawn)

    • Technique

      Bladed Jigs

    • Structure


    Another epic day on the water with my trusty Z-Man Chatterbaits! These lures never disappoint and the results speak for themselves. Z-Man Chatterbaits are highly effective lures for fishing due to their unique design and action in the water. The blade attached to the head of the lure creates a vibrating, chattering sound as it moves through the water, which can attract fish from a distance. The movement of the blade also generates a lot of flash, which can further entice fish to bite. In addition to the blade and sound, Chatterbaits also have a silicone skirt that adds lifelike movement to the lure, mimicking the movements of small fish or insects. The combination of sound, flash, and movement can be irresistible to many types of fish, making Chatterbaits a go-to lure for many anglers. Chatterbaits can be fished in a variety of ways, such as slow rolling on the bottom, burning on the surface, or hopping along structure. They can be effective for catching a variety of species, including bass, pike, and panfish.

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