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MN (Carver, Hennepin)

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    What you need to know about fishing Lake Minnetonka

    Lake Minnetonka is a popular fishing destination year round due to its close proximity to the Minneapolis area and great fish stocks. Lake Minnetonka is currently the 9th largest lake in Minnesota with a surface area of 14,528 acres and a max depth of 113 feet in Crystal Bay. This lake is the perfect destination for largemouth bass. The predominant methods are flipping jigs beneath docks, casting topwaters in and around lily pads and working the edges of weedlines with spinners or crankbaits. Buzzbaits also work great for largemouth bass. Walleyes are another prized game fish on Lake Minnetonka. Lindy rigs, jigs with a swimbait or minnow and deep running crankbaits are the perfect pick when targeting these walleye. Minnetonka walleyes can be found on deep water rock structures and mid lake humps. Looking for bait balls can increase your chances of success. If you're looking for large, hard fighting northern and muskie, Minnetonka is a great destination. Using Bucktails and topwater lures by sunken trees and beaver dams is the go-to for pulling these fish into the boat.

    Once the water freezes, Lake Minnetonka quickly comes one of the Twin Cities/metro areas hot beds for ice fishing. Being only 20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, Lake Minnetonka is the largest lake and offers the most opportunity to ice fish. There are access points all over the lake. The most popular way to ice fish is to set up over basin areas in 18-25 feet of water and catch as many bluegills and crappies as you can handle. Fish will normally bite throughout the morning, day, and night. To add some excitement to the mix, anglers can set up tip ups in search of pike or walleye cruising the weedlines that surround the basin. Anglers who are up for a challenge attempt to target Lake Minnetonka’s growing walleye population. The fish are finicky and tough to find, but extremely rewarding. These walleyes are often caught on deep rocks that have weeds and sand mix in.

    Waterbody Type




    Surface Area

    55.73 sq. km

    Avg. Depth

    14 ft.

    Species Present

    Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Crappie, Panfish / Bluegill, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Common Carp

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      Launching soon for this waterbody.

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      Great little pitching bait when the bite is tough

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      great jig head for jig worming and Ned rigs

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