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Lake Naconiche

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Largemouth Bass2


Spring (Current)
9 Fishing Reports

Lake Naconiche Overview

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Top Techniques Reported for Largemouth Bass + Spring

Deep Diving Crankbaits (13'+)Frogs/Toads
  1. Deep Diving Crankbaits (13'+)
  2. Frogs/Toads
Total Fishing Reports
Top Species Reported for Spring
  1. Largemouth Bass2 Reports

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Lake Naconiche Fishing Reports

9 Reports on Lake Naconiche

Most Relevant
  • @LunkerBuster

    Silver Ambassador


    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Season

      Spring (Post-Spawn)

    • Technique


    • Structure


    • Forage


    • Water Temperature


    Fish seemed to be grouped up and exhibiting pre-spawn behavior towards the back of the main creek arms. They were chunky, full of shad, and we could see them blowing up on balls of shad in pretty much every direction. There were also some bedded fish up shallow, but they are extremely difficult to access or cast to due to the log jams that are built up along the shoreline. That's where the Berkley Swamp Lord shined. We got a lot of bites around the log jams and the trickiest part about that deal was keeping the fish hooked while trying to wrestle them over the floating logs. The Strike King Sexy Dawg was producing bites when it was thrown to the schooling fish, and the Berkley MaxScent General was one of the many other baits we mixed in while fishing areas of standing timber. Any part of this lake can be good at any time, and there is certainly no lack of cover or wood! Stay in the marked boat lanes if you head into the creek arms and take your time. It can usually be navigated slowly if you stick close to the PVC markers and avoid hitting the visible stickups.
  • William Whitcraft

    Gold Ambassador


    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Season

      Spring (Spawn)

    • Technique

      Crankbaits 13'+

    • Structure

      Brush Piles

    • Water Temperature


    Launched the boat around 1:30pm wind picked up with an outside temp of only about 65 with the wind chill it felt more like 55. Caught two bass first one my wife caught was 2.16lbs and the second one was a little smaller. Spent four and a half hours with the crank bait and zoom lizards and only caught the two fish. We did rescue three younger guys whose battery died on their boat. Luckily I run with two batteries plus a spare so I lent them my spare battery and they returned it to the bed of my truck when they got back to the boat ramp.
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    William Whitcraft

    Gold Ambassador


    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Season


    • Technique

      Texas Rigs (Worming)

    • Structure


    • Water Temperature


    Early morning outing. On the water by 5:30am. At first light started throwing worms and lizards against stumps along the shoreline. Caught 7 within the first hour. Things slowed up from then till about 11:30 had to move to deeper water still caught a ton total of 7 for my wife and 18 for me. (Front of the boat) lol. Wasn’t very crowded but the temperature outside was 100°

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