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Lake Nokomis (MN)Fishing Reports

2 Fishing Reports


Largemouth Bass1


Spring (Current)1

Lake Nokomis Fishing Reports for Spring Largemouth Bass

2 Reports on Lake Nokomis

1 Report for Largemouth Bass + Spring

  • Eric Geesaman

    Silver Ambassador

    • Season

      Spring (Post-Spawn)

    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Technique

      Texas Rigs (Worming)

    • Structure

      Submerged Vegetation

    • Forage


    Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass using Texas Rigs (Worming) in Spring (Post-Spawn) (Submerged Vegetation)

    Working a weightless, nose hooked bellows gill like a soft jerkbait on the insides of weed edges produced bites. Better fish came from overhangs within that inside edge. One eyed Willy here was the cool catch of the day.

    Eric recommended this gear for Lake Nokomis, MN

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  • James Burrell

    Bronze Ambassador

    • Season


    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Technique

      Vertical Jigging Shallow (0-9')

    • Structure

      Submerged Vegetation

    Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass using Vertical Jigging Shallow (0-9') in Summer (Submerged Vegetation)

    trout magnet 1/32 oz jig. Cast from shore near dock on S. end of lake

    James recommended this gear for Lake Nokomis, MN

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